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In wine making Bentonite is used for wine clarification.

Natural bentonite has high adsorption properties. Due to these properties bentonite is effectively used for dehazing. As a result the wine is purified. Its clarity is one of the important quality characteristics.

Produced bentonite products meet the requirements of Industrial Standards 18-49-71 “Bentonite for wine industry” and has the following quality characteristics:

Normative documents for testing methodsName of defined specifications and unitsPermissible levelTesting results
IS 18-49-71Moisture, %5,0 - 10,08,6
IS 18-49-71рН of water suspension, not more9,09,0
IS 18-49-71Swelling capacity, % not less80,0182,0
IS 18-49-71Protein adsorption, % not less25,050,0
IS 18-49-71Substances, soluted in 10% acetic acid /100 g, not more5,04,2
IS 18-49-71Metal cations content in acetic acid extracts, mg/100 g, not more  
 Calcium, not more60,064,0
 Fe, not more80,028,0
 Arsenicnot allowedнет
GOST 30178-96Cadmium0,0006нет
GOST 30178-96MercuryНе допускаетсянет
IS 18-49-71Alkalinity, 0,1 ml of H2SO4 solution to 100g of bentonite30,0-40,039,5
IS 18-49-71Sand content, %4,03,2
IS 18-49-71Thixotropy and sediment of water suspension10% of water suspension forms homogeneous, viscous, gelatinous mass without residue

Production technology of «AzRPI» JV is covered by patents.

Bentonite powders are packed in Big Bags 950 kg and 50 kg polypropylene bags and shipped in bulk in gondolas.

Bentonite clay is shipped from Gazakh station of Azerbaijan railway.
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